Online game "Super People 2"

Super People 2
  • Release date:
    10 October 2022
  • Game type:
  • Game website:
  • Operating system:
    Windows 10 64-bit
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
    Intel Core i5-4430 / AMD FX-6300
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 / AMD Radeon R7 370; DirectX 11
  • Disk space:
  • Internet:
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Super People 2 Game Review

Super People 2, aka simply Super People in the past, is a free-to-play "battle royale" that was initially very different from other members of the genre. Here, for example, was its own system of crafts - instead of finding weapons it was allowed to collect on the drawing found on the map, using the hammer and anvil. The developers have come up with a dozen classes, giving users the chance to win not only at the expense of marksmanship, but also special skills. Having received a number of updates, the shooter began to look more and more like another clone of PUBG, although it still retained some unique features. Let's find out why the Korean studio Wonder People action game attracts the public and why it receives such contradictory reviews.

What is this game about?

Super People 2 is based on the classic rules of the genre. Together with the other players you must land on a selected point on the map, find weapons, equipment and supplies, and then remain the last survivor in a gradually shrinking area of combat. A snowstorm acts as a constraint ("circle") here - anyone caught in it starts losing health quickly and eventually freezes to death if they can't make it to safety in time. Weapons and equipment, as in most such entertainments, are divided by level of rarity and quality - you can, for example, wear a helmet of the fourth level, but to protect the body to find only a vest of the second. Seemingly familiar picture, but the developers have added some original solutions to it.
The character you control here is not just a faceless and inept dummy, but a real personality. The hero is allowed to customize his appearance, choose a name and clothes, using the standard options or kits from the internal store. And just before the match is given to decide on a class, because the fighters in SP2, like superheroes from the Marvel comics, little by little violate the laws of physics. Not all the time, of course, but so far the skill is active.

There are 14 classes in total, and each allows you to do some trick that causes damage or at least discourages the enemy. Stryker, for example, makes a swift dash that allows you to go behind the enemy's back or just to take cover. The spy detects lurking opponents using radar and can glide across the surface for a long time, remaining a difficult target. The Gas Soldier poisons and burns anyone it can reach, the Teleporter moves instantly from one point to another, and the Titan uses the shield both as a direct purpose and as a weapon - it can push and flatten enemies like bugs.

The game does not open the full roster right away - to unlock all the classes, you need to fight a little. But even a starter set is enough to assess the potential of such a system. Some characters can win without a single bullet - just by engaging their skills in time, and not necessarily attacking. Teleport and jerk, for example, allow you to quickly escape from the storm, while the enemies stuck in it are sure to freeze, even if they are covered with grenades and guns from head to toe.
An important feature of Super People 2 is that the game rewards you for participating in a match, not just for destroying enemies. Periodically, you will be awarded bonuses for surviving, at the same time enhancing a special skill of the hero. However, to unlock this trick you must find and open a special capsule - if you're near it, you'll see a marker. And if you need to make a breakthrough to the item you're looking for, the bar that speeds up and increases your defense comes in handy - it's here instead of the usual energy drinks. Also at any location you can find piles of gold and blueprints that will stay with you even after death and allow you to buy or collect items outside of combat.

It is worth noting an important point: the thriller does not always run correctly and sometimes gives out a server error. Scary little here - to solve the problem is enough to exit the game and re-enter it. Also can interfere with the network code. This kind of difficulties - a common thing for the early access, so the developers are likely to fix them in patches.

Modes and maps

If previously, in the previous version of Super People, you could play in pairs, squads and alone, now the assortment of modes has changed somewhat. Available at the moment only solo and trio, that is, you either run around the battlefield yourself, or invite two friends to the team. Rely on the automatic creation of the group is not worth - any well-coordinated gang will defeat you in no time. But it's nice that there's an opportunity to find a partner by quick selection. There's also a choice between third-person and first-person perspectives. The differences between the two perspectives are familiar to anyone who has participated in "battles royal". With the camera hanging behind the character's back, it is easier to look around corners, in windows and over fences, and when looking at the world from the hero's eyes, more details are noticeable, including the hiding and sneaking opponents.
Also from the main menu opens the way to the training ground, which begins to get acquainted with the fighter. At any time you can return here to try out different guns, remember basic movements, and just stretch out before the next match.

The game is set on Orb Island. The map is huge, the landing on it from helicopters every time occurs on different trajectories, and the initial circle always covers an arbitrary area, which makes the matches diverse. If in one you run through the mountains, another takes place in a coastal resort area. Of course, the island is broken up into locations, both more and less attractive for battle and exploration. Among the points of lively interest are the radio tower among the cliffs to the north, the flight control center on a separate island, New Kirkwood, Belmont, Tahoma, and generally all populated areas with dense development. However, large structures such as the airport, hospital, and school are considered less dangerous landing points.

Before a novice skydiver should carefully examine the area under the helicopter and choose small clusters of houses, individual mansions on the edge of the forest, a warehouse or a dump for landing. Over time, as you learn more about the map, you will find your own methods of avoiding active firefights at the beginning of the match.
Wonder People have found an interesting solution for the first stages of the battle - the fewer players are waiting in the lobby, the more modest is the initial combat area. If, for example, you have all 60 participants, the circle is as wide as possible - about a quarter of the island. And if there are not enough participants, even a few, the starting circle becomes 15-20% smaller, which limits both the time to make a decision in the helicopter and the choice of landing points. In Super People 2 in general there are enough decisions that you do not notice immediately, and then do not imagine the battle without them. Even the running speed here is quite handy, although far from realistic. However, with parkour it's a problem - you can only climb over the fences at the second attempt.

How does pumping work?

Development in the Korean action game, as is customary in "battle royale", moves on several fronts at once. First, the hero is upgraded on the battlefield: he finds more and more advanced weapons and equipment, improves special skills, collects loot from the killed opponents. Secondly, there are personal sets. This is a set of equipment, which you can prepare for yourself in advance, collecting in the "Arsenal" a few guns from the blueprints found on the map, as well as packing some consumables and items for protection. Then, during the match, the crate with all this stuff is dropped close to your character - usually within a radius of a hundred to two hundred meters. The parcel is immediately illuminated and the voice announcement sounds. And here the fighter has two options: either run to the delivery point to renew the arsenal or do not react to the drop and use the already found items if they are high enough.
At the same time, there is an account progression, which provides access to new classes, ranks and opportunities to configure the appearance of the hero. If everything is clear with classes (if you play longer, you will open more), then the concept of rank requires clarification. Roughly speaking, this is a measure of your effectiveness in firefights. The less often you die and the more often you destroy your opponents, the higher your status in the ranking. This indicator affects, above all, the company in which you get during the formation of the match - the game is trying to collect on the same map gamers more or less equal skill. And while the rank is not defined, Super People 2 determines it by adding bots to the battlefield, which are easy to calculate by aliases.

As for the customization, here traditionally for the genre rule the ball: elements of appearance and whole outfits are bought for real money. If you can assemble a cool Kalashnikov assault rifle for blueprints and gold, carried out of the battlefield, then get rare costumes allow crystals - an analogue of the currency in the game.


The main question that worries the user who intends to make a decision about Super People 2 is: how is this game better than PUBG, which is similar graphically, by the sensation of shooting, level design and now also conditionally free? The answer is simple: here the newcomer has a better chance to succeed and prove themselves on the battlefield, because the company Krafton shooter has long existed and it settled very skilled players who do not leave no chance to less experienced comrades. In addition SP2 encourages just for the participation, not just for the victories over the enemies, offers a set of unusual mechanics in the form of classes and special skills. Such a departure from realism and looks fresh, and gives bright emotions from the battles. In short, it is definitely worth a try.

Zarium. February 2023