"Speedy Snake" Game

Original title: Speedy Snake


How to entertain yourself with a game without spending a lot of time studying the rules? Clicker "Speedy Snake" with arcade elements will be the best choice! The gameplay will take you to a field full of bright snakes, and you will become one of them. To gain strength and constantly increase their length, you will need to collect and swallow round balls, located in different parts of the arena. But beware! For this prey will go and other reptiles, which means you will have to use all their strength, speed and agility. The rules are simple: if you touch other snakes, the round is over and not in your favor. But if some snake will bump into you, it will immediately disintegrate to spheres that will serve you a nice dinner - swallow them right away! Controlling your character is simple enough: with clicks on the phone screen or with the mouse on the PC.


Game Controls: MOUSE and LEFT CLICK