"Sniper Bottle Shooting Expert" Game

Original title: Sniper Bottle Shooting Expert


Sniper is considered a very dangerous profession. Even experienced shooters constantly train their skills. To become the best at what they do, you need to work out all the steps to automatism. The only way to cope with even the most difficult tasks.

Practice your skills in the game Sniper Bottle Shooting Expert

You have to start practicing your skills, or rather marksmanship, on the bottles. This is the most common objects for shooting. Some people shoot at bottles for fun, and some people use them for training.

The bottles will be on the bar. You will get a certain task, and you need to complete it. Complicating things is the lady who is constantly flickering near the bar. You can't hit her, otherwise the level won't be considered passed.

Each time the situation will get more and more complicated. The bottles will start to move on the plane, and it will be harder to hit them.


Please follow the screen instructions