"Silent Valley Escape" Game

Original title: Silent Valley Escape


This game is a puzzle box that you must take turns solving in order to complete all levels. This is not a classic quest in which you are locked in and have a specific goal of opening doors. In this game, the goal of getting out is conditional and there is no simulated confined space. In fact, you just have to really, really rack your brains to get through all the levels and be congratulated on winning.

Play by breaking your head

At first sight the game will seem to be too childish, but it is deceptive, already from the first level you will want to take a hint. All the puzzles are tricky, and you'll need to mobilize all your brainpower to figure out what the slot machine wants from you.

A great simulator for pumping your iq. If you want to thoughtfully and helpfully spend time - on our website game is freely available. Take yourself on the weak and defeat the challenges!