"School Memory Deluxe" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: School Memory Deluxe


Everyone's development begins at a very early age. How the child will grow up depends primarily on the parents and teachers. In this new game you will be a schoolboy again. Remember what were your first school years - to remember it will help the new game School Memory Deluxe. You will find yourself at the desk of an elementary school and will develop their intelligence and attentiveness. And now the teacher gives you the first task, which you must perform as quickly and accurately as possible. On the playing field there will be special cards, and they lie down the pictures. You need to open two of the same to make them disappear from the field. On this you will have one move. If you choose wrong the cards will flip backwards with the pictures downwards. Once you understand where the two identical pictures are, click on them. Your task is to remove all the pictures from the playing field and earn as many points as possible.