"Sand Shore Escape" Game

Original title: Sand Shore Escape


When we wish for something in anger, we can't even imagine that it might come true. Our hero has already realized this for himself. All his life he dreamed of being on a deserted island, where no one would disturb him. Now his wish has come true.

Panic begins

Opening his eyes our hero realized that he was on a deserted island, where there was not a single living soul. Instead of joy the hero feels fear. He was beginning to panic

A vast expanse of water opens up in front of him, and behind him is the terrifying unknown. Instead of thanking fate for such a gift, the hero tries to find ways to get out of here. To cope with this task on their own he does not succeed.

You have to explore the strange place and find clues that will help you get out of here. Solve the problems and puzzles, and quickly return the hero to normal life.