"Rome Simulator" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Rome Simulator


Rome Simulator is a fascinating adventure themed game in which the player is immersed in the era of ancient Rome. The participant of the game has to choose a weapon and take control of a gladiator. There are many enemies lurking around the royal residence, and only a fearless hero represented by the participant in the game can stop them with the help of martial arts. The game also has an educational function: the participant will learn about the features of military weapons of ancient Rome, some interesting historical details about gladiators. Have an interesting time!


• WASD: move
• mouse 0: atack/ + left shift heavy atack
• mouse 1: block
• lshift: toggle run/ +attack use havy attack
• x: cancel trigger & cancel ledge/ drop weapons
• c: crouch
• q: jump
• space: dive roll
• 1: sword & shield
• 2: two handed weapon
• 3: bow
• 4: dual weapon
• e: use/ take
• l: take secondary
• g: draw/ sheathe weapon
• x: drop unwielded weapons
• tab: pause