Online game "Rise Online"

Rise Online
  • Release date:
    00 0000
  • Game type:
  • Game website:
  • Operating system:
    Windows 7 / 8 / 10 — 64-bit
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
    Intel Core i7-5500U 2.40GHz / AMD FX-8800P 2.1GHz
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    NVIDIA GeForce 840M 1.03GHz / AMD Radeon 530 1.03GHz
  • Disk space:
  • Internet:
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Rise Online Game Review

We know a lot about Korean, American and even Russian MMORPGs. But what about Turkish ones? Rise Online is interesting even because it was made in the country, which game studios we don't know much about. Few gamers will remember at least a couple of PC games developed in Turkey. Although people from this country are well-known - just remember the Yerli brothers, who founded Crytek studio in 1999 and paved the way to fame with Crysis series. Does Rokosoft, the company responsible for Rise Online, have the same potential for development? To answer that question, we need to take a closer look at the creative team's debut from Istanbul.

What is this game about?

Rise Online, aka Rise Online World, is available for free - and that's its advantage. You don't have to pay anything or specify your bank card data, just go to the official website and install the client on your computer. But here begins the first difficulties: by default the interface of the boot program is in Turkish, and if you don't understand it, you will have to find the intuitive menu to change the language and set it to English. Okay, here's a hint: this list opens in the upper right corner of the window. From there, everything is more or less clear. The client downloads all the necessary updates and lets you into a fairy tale world where sword and magic work equally.
It is worth noting at once that the game's universe does not shine with originality. The authors, it seems, decided not to take risks, and act in the tried and tested ways. In the world of the game, which is called Aarwad, the forces of good and evil fight each other. The former are led by the Nameless Creator, who at some point stepped aside and let his children run the situation. And the bad guys are commanded by Marduk, an evil god who once turned into a comet and destroyed seven planets. He has since moved on from crude tricks to more cunning tricks, so he has recruited supporters among the inhabitants of Aarwad and at the same time bred some creepy monsters. Fighting these creatures is the lion's share of the quests in the single-player Rise Online, where you learn how to fight and acquire the necessary equipment.

In the window of the character creation game is also not sly, offering a choice of two factions and four classes - a variety, the usual on most modern MMORPG, the project is not. Heroes are globally divided into two factions: Proteans (ie, people), in the empire of which there is order and harmony, and Lunaksarov (ie, orcs), not used to bending over backwards before the bosses. Somehow it reminds the Alliance and the Horde from World of Warcraft, but that is the nature of the Turkish development. There is no bold newness, which makes the recently released Rise Online look old-fashioned. Right down to the graphics, as if they came to us from 2007. It's not surprising: in fact, Rise Online is a reincarnation of the old Knight Online on the Unreal Engine 4, but fans of the classics will love it.
Particularly pleasing to the gamer with conservative taste is the fact that all the roles represented in the game are familiar to anyone who has ever run an MMORPG. There are four classes: warrior, brigand, mage and priest. The first, and at the same time the best option for the newcomer - an expert in close combat. The second uses the light equipment and quick attacks, and the third and fourth use spells - with the only difference that the priests often use spells to support their comrades in battle, rather than spraying some creatures atoms. You can also decide on the sex of the character - there are men and women to choose from, which is not unreasonable to improve in the editor, because all the guys and girls, even people with orcs, are like twins. And all need the same consumables. Whether it's a sorcerer or a rocking champion with a two-handed sword, both require both mana and equipment created in the forge for various actions.

Next, welcome to the open world. You appear in the capital, among the palaces, alleys, statues and, of course, other heroes. In such a setting and have to comprehend the basics for hours on end, and it's not a figure of speech, because the initial quests such as "Buy a merchant sword" or "Enchant the object" really enough, and moves your hero with the speed of a stroll. "Accelerator" is provided, it can even be assigned to the quick access panel, but it, like any other skill, needs a recharge. Somehow the automatic navigation also works here: it's in every mission, but occasionally it gets turned off or fails. In a fight you have to intuitively guess how to click the mouse - if anyone remembers the combat system from the very first "The Witcher", it is about the same, only without the hints.
However, the inhabitants of the servers look down on the inconvenience - they come here not for the elaborate design or cleverly invented quests, but for the battles in multiplayer. In terms of PvP and group activities the project gives out all the classic assortment of the genre. In addition, there is integration with the NFT, so fashionable these days. Every now and then here you meet spontaneous markets, where the heroes trade rare items obtained in the dungeons, which at the same time are non-exchangeable tokens.

Quests, items, and upgrades

As already mentioned, the events of the single-player part are not connected by any story. You take turns visiting the characters, each of whom is responsible for a certain theme. For example, the hunter requires you to slay monsters and find trophies, and the teacher gives you educational tasks - sometimes you have to guess what kind of action that person is expecting you to take. Initially you can only take five tasks at a time, so you have to use your wits to perform all of them in one area and not have to run from the fourth to the fifth Far Away. Joining the clan does not add to the quests story spice, but allows you to slaughter monsters and seek adventure in the company.
The path from solo adventures to actions as part of a group lies, of course, through the pumping of the hero. The main role in this process is assigned to equipment. There is the usual development - by investing experience points in this or that skill, but obtained in battle items give a much more tangible increase in performance than the mundane clearing of the clearing with the freaks. Here the good old rule applies: the more powerful the enemy, the more expensive is the reward for defeating him. That's why it is almost impossible to get something really rare and valuable by yourself. But if you already have such an item, you can improve it - by adding runes or sharpening the item at the wizard to the desired indicators. Wearing equipment is designed familiarly: a separate window opens a "doll" on which to cling swords, staffs and other weapons, as well as hats, gloves, shoes, earrings, rings, and everything else. The fashionistas have a lot to do.

Some valuable items, especially if they are duplicated in the inventory, no one bothers to put up for auction or sell "off hand" in the capital. Such shops in the game enough - you'll come across another merchant NFT armor, scrolls or swords, offering their goods for in-game currency, which, in turn, is earned on the battlefield or exchanged for real money.

How is the interaction between the players arranged?

Get ready for the fact that the majority of Rise Online users are Turks, so the chat has no other languages than English and Turkish. But the sections of the chat itself are enough: you can address to someone specific, members of a particular or your clan, comrades in the squad or to everyone who is at the moment on the server. Usually in the window flashed messages about the sale of items, invitations to the party or announcements for newcomers. No one prevents to ask in a raid on the boss with the company of other heroes, but if you're not pumped enough, you are unlikely to be taken. But to get a bunch of newcomers together, to have more fun hunting common monsters, is a realistic option.
Dungeons in the game are designed for the company of up to 8 people - in dungeons, as usual, you have to deal with ordinary enemies and defeat their leader. And there is no fixed prize for the raid participants, so everyone relies on chance. If you're lucky, it will be possible to get something really rare, but not - the heroes get experience points and souvenirs to sell to nearby merchants. Also, the servers have a system of events and wars. And in addition to clearing dungeons and participation in temporary activities, clans and troops are fighting among themselves in PvP mode in the locations "Blood Valley" and "Death Valley". Getting an idea of the boiling passions here you can get at least by the fact that with each new patch developers increase the area of these polygons, so they accommodate as many willing to fight for the reward and glory.


For Rise Online is quite possible to pass a few evenings. Money for it do not ask, no additional skills are not required, the computer does not have to be with a video card of the new series. Will come except that the understanding of basic English or Turkish, because there is no other localization. It is clear that the developers wanted to release a traditional MMORPG without any special frills - almost every year these re-releases of the classics appear on the Internet. For those looking for fresh sensations, it's more of a minus, and for a fan of games made the old-fashioned way - a plus.