"Rescue The Squirrel" Game

Original title: Rescue The Squirrel


Quests are actually adventures in real time. This kind of entertainment appeared relatively recently, but immediately gained popularity among young people. Today, to solve mysteries and pass the quests do not need to visit special institutions. Just download the appropriate online game.

Save the squirrel from captivity in the game Rescue The Squirrel

According to the story of the game you are in the woods. In the middle of the forest, you found the cage in which the squirrel was. Taking pity on the little squirrel, you decide to rescue it from captivity. However, you do not know exactly where the key to the cage is, and the squirrel cannot tell you. The only thing you understand is that it is nearby and you only need to solve the riddles and find it. The variety of puzzles will surely please fans of quests. Try to play Rescue The Squirrel right now!