"Rescue The Goat" Game

Original title: Rescue The Goat


In Rescue The Goat on Zarium, the villain has stolen the goat from Grandpa and Baba and locked her up. You have to help the goat find the key that leads to freedom. You are waiting for a lot of the most fun and funny events in search of the desired.

Give back Grandpa and Baba stubborn goat Dereza.

The game is suitable even for children. Drawing is simple and colorful. Control as simple as possible. You're required to walk around and solve all kinds of puzzles. Among them are mazes, charades, collecting puzzles and pictures from the pieces scattered around. Collect all sorts of items, they will bring you and the horny fidget closer to the exit from the trap set up by the cunning villain. You have 11 slots for found items. The slots are located at the bottom of the playing field. Many hidden objects and their search will temper your attention, logic and patience. Children games in this category help develop logical thinking and intelligence.

Play the game Rescue The Goat is free without registration on Zarium in the presence of an active Internet connection. Go ahead and do not give up! Grandpa and Baba are waiting for their horny trouble home.