"Red Outpost" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Red Outpost


When you start the game, you find yourself in the future. You and other people went to Mars to conquer the planet. You will be the leader of the expedition. Under your leadership they will have to create a colony on the planet. Two buildings will appear on the screen in front of you. In the first, under your leadership, people will perform various tasks, and the second you will send all the results of the work on Earth. At the beginning you will have to land the first astronaut on Mars. Here he will begin to extract various resources from which you will later manufacture a variety of unique items. When you send the items to Earth, you will get a certain number of points. You can use these points to unlock new features as well as hire new people. Build a Unique City on Mars


Harvest crops from the habitat, generate solar energy, mine martian rocks, and discover new technologies along the way