Real Car Racing Game : Car Racing Championship

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Original title: Real Car Racing Game : Car Racing Championship


Start playing Real Car Racing Game: Car Racing Championship and you still have time to get to one of the toughest races, with the participation of real professionals. There's not much choice for beginners, but if you try, you can earn a powerful car with your hard work. Win the race, being the first to the finish line and showing the best result, and then you'll have access to the new machines. Race as fast as you can. Cast aside fear and uncertainty, and victory will be yours. Try to drift through the turns so you don't have to slow down or slow down. Avoid collisions with rivals and do not go on the curb. The race car responds well to the controls and the outcome of the race depends only on you.


- Exciting level modes, race, drift, time trials, and more!
- Unique race tracks and cliffside roads to test all types of fast driving
- Real-time vehicle damage
- Authentic and real sports car vehicles
- Realistic car driving game physics
- Intelligent A.I racing car driving
- Multiple dynamic HD camera angles