"Real Bike Racing" Game

Original title: Real Bike Racing


Real Bike Racing is a realistic motorcycle racing simulator with colorful 3D graphics. You have the chance to plunge into the rigors of racing, setting a new speed record on each track. Don't forget to develop your character and unlock more powerful motorcycles. Pass levels as fast as possible, use all your motorcycle riding skills, overtake opponents and come first to the finish line. For every win you get bonuses that you can use to improve your bike or unlock and buy a new, more powerful motorcycle. This dynamic racing game will appeal to all fans of speed and adrenaline. Playing in Real Bike Racing you will plunge into the world of motorcycle racing and get unforgettable emotions of motorcycle driving simulation. Gamers of any age can play this game, but especially it will appeal to true connoisseurs of sports moto. Use the arrow keys or the mouse to control it, when playing from your phone you can control your motorcycle with the sensor.