"Pirate Riddle" Game

Original title: Pirate Riddle


A long time ago in all the seas of our planet lived pirates and traded in it by attacking ships that they encountered on their way and robbed her. But even these people, engaged in not the most honest activities have their own pirate code. And those who did not follow the laws set forth in this document were severely punished. Most often they were simply thrown into the water to feed the sharks. In Pirate Riddle you will have to save the life of one of these guilty pirates. He will be standing in front of you on the board, and right below you will see the letters of the alphabet with empty cells just above them. Your task is to guess the word and write it in. Topics of these words are simple: fruit, vegetables, capitals, soccer or animals. If you answer incorrectly the poor pirate will be thrown into the water. Good luck!


Guess given word like in classic hangman game.