"Naughty Chef Escape" Game

Original title: Naughty Chef Escape


Imagine: You went to the chef's house to pick him up at the hotel. As soon as you crossed the threshold, you realized you were trapped, so what to do? Do not panic in any case, because there is a way out! In order to leave the house, you will need to find a hidden object and solve the puzzles that conceal the house. It would seem that everything is very simple!

Play Naughty Chef Escape and escape the naughty chef

Naughty Chef Escape on Zarium is a pick-and-click game that involves escaping from a naughty chef. Be vigilant: anything in the house can serve as a clue. Spend your free time fun and interesting for this game on Zarium, where all games are free and accessible from absolutely any device. Good luck in the game!