Online game "Naruto: The Heirs of the Power"

Наруто: Наследники силы
  • Release date:
    02 April 2020
  • Game type:
  • Game website:
  • Operating system:
    Windows / MacOs
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
    Intel Pentium 4
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    RAM 1Gb
  • Disk space:
  • Internet:

Naruto: The Heirs of the Power game review

Anime games remain one of the most popular. Especially when it comes to games based on the manga (Japanese comics, in case you don't know) "Naruto", which has sold over 200 million copies. There have also been 2 anime series, 8 full-length animated movies, and so on and so forth. Not surprisingly, the browser RPG "Naruto: The Heirs of the Power" immediately after its release (and it happened recently, last year) has found an audience. What is this project remarkable besides references to the super-popular anime?

About plot and quests

The original manga by Masashi Kishimoto, which began in 1999, follows the life of Naruto Uzumaki, a rowdy and restless teenager, a hereditary ninja who dreams of fame and universal recognition and wants to become Hokage, the head and strongest warrior of the village.

Here and the authors of "Naruto: The Heirs of the Power" adhere to approximately the same story, allowing you to play for familiar characters and defeat enemies on the background of familiar landscapes. Initially there are several male and female characters available to choose from. They all have the same characteristics, but their appearance, techniques and skills, as well as their clan, differ from one another in the anime Senju, Uzumaki, and Uchiha.
The story campaign, however, does not involve any dialogues or clips. We sequentially go through a lot of battles, gradually clearing locations all over the world map, starting with such familiar to all fans of "Naruto" places as Konohagakure, and ending with "War of the Tailed Ones". At the end of each stage, understandably, a hot boss date awaits.

But you don't have to get bored. Once you reach level 20, you get access to Konoha Village, which has an arena, guilds, special events, challenges, possessions, dungeons, and raids. In the dungeons, you can hunt particularly strong opponents, do treasure hunts, spin a roulette wheel and pass the floors of the "Forgotten Tower". In the "Boss" section, both personal, easier bosses are available, as well as steep server bosses and "wild" bosses, for the defeat of which special rewards and equipment are given.

About the interaction between the players

There, in the village, you can join other users in the campaign on the world bosses of different levels. No one forbids trying to defeat them alone, but it's better to wait until the full team is assembled.

In the village there is an option to become an apprentice wizard from among the other players or, conversely, to take a new recruit into training. This will allow both players to gain a lot of experience and prestige. The main thing is that there should be at least three levels difference between the apprentice and the sensei. There is even an opportunity to propose to another player (at least level 55), and after the wedding the newlyweds are given their own dwelling. This, of course, also brings bonuses and rewards. True, after the divorce the house is automatically taken away. So here, as in life, it is better to make an informed and competent choice.
But the main tool for interaction between users in "Naruto: The Heirs of the Power", as in almost all similar games, remain the guilds. Joining one of them will allow you to help other members of the organization and, on the contrary, to call them for help when there is a particularly hard battle, go through special dungeons and quests, learn special skills, fight with the guild boss and perform other activities that not only give those or other benefits, but also impose certain obligations. And then there's the guild room, where you can interact with other group members, take quests, and so on.

About Battles and Pumping

The main thing we do in Naruto: The Heirs of the Power is, of course, to fight, develop the character and his equipment. It's the non-stop (practically) pumping that the whole game is sharpened for. And there are numerous mechanics that work for this. There is the upgrade of equipment, which is allocated as much as 10 slots, and the ability to harden, enchant and inlay jade objects.

There is also a boost of eight character skills, the need to develop numerous helpers, partners and "tailed pets" with whom we fight side by side. All this increases the total Combat Strength (BC) of your character - and this is the measure of coolness in every sense of the word. It is also affected by various titles, transformations, and enhancement mechanics.
Even reaching, for example, the 86th level (and you can do it quickly enough, without investing a penny in the game, although the system of micropayments and buying VIP-statuses for rubles in place), you will not feel the coolest - around there are many and difficult bosses, and stronger players. That's why you need to keep swinging, swinging and swinging.

And to make this process as easy as possible for the player, the developers introduced a lot of automatic features. We automatically receive tasks, immediately perform them, automatically put on all the coolest things, improve and enchant them - if, of course, enough of the necessary resources. By pressing one or two buttons, we get all sorts of rewards - daily, for entry, for a new achievement and others, accept invitations, challenges, and so on.
A distinctive feature of the project was and offline promotion - that is, here your character continues to develop and participate in battles, even while the player is away from the computer. Then you just have to go in and collect the accumulated experience with resources and other goodies.

Fights in "Naruto: The Heirs of the Power" also take place automatically, but we affect them in one way or another. For example, choosing which of the helpers, pets or partners to take into battle, and which to send to rest, which of them to spend resources on to level up. We also decide if all skills will be improved evenly or if it makes sense to invest more in certain ones. In battles against the toughest opponents, every little detail counts.


The authors of Naruto: The Heirs of the Power were honest and didn't pull any dust in the eyes, luring by some super-awesome mechanics, the promise of a "unique story experience" and so on. No, they're not hiding the fact that the game is almost entirely dedicated to improving the characters in the setting of the beloved anime. And in RPGs, it is the process of "boosting" - let's be honest - that is the most fascinating, addictive. Conclusions, as they say, are up to you.

May 2021