Online game "My Sunny Resort"

My Sunny Resort
  • Release date:
    13 May 2015
  • Game type:
  • Game website:
  • Operating system:
    Windows 7 / 8 / Vista / 10
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
    Intel Pentium 4
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    RAM 1Gb
  • Disk space:
  • Internet:
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My Sunny Resort Game Review

My Sunny Resort is a free strategy game about creating and developing a chain of resorts. You start with a run-down resort in Thailand, and over time you build your business empire, which includes tropical beaches, and recreational facilities in the mountains, and a safari park with all the infrastructure. Moreover, the game is designed very simply - in cartoon style. Which, however, does not make it non-serious. Let's see what else we can do here.

How to build your own resort?

Like many other games of the genre, My Sunny Resort offers a great start from scratch. You are given a tiny island, half-forested, and a few wretched huts separated by sandy paths. The only thing beautiful here is the reception desk. The rest looks neglected: the beaches are cluttered with boulders, wildlife is all around - only extreme people would agree to rest in such a place. To lure here the rich tourists who prefer a quiet and comfortable leisure, it is necessary to put the property in order. A pretty assistant helps with that: she tells you what to build and in what sequence, who to hire, and at the same time gives you daily tasks, fulfillment of which is generously rewarded.
The resort has just opened, and the first guests have already come to the porter. You can't put people in an empty bungalow, so it's worth buying some simple furniture, a shower and a TV as soon as possible - it's already a sufficient set for recreation. Conveniently, the roofs of residential buildings can be removed and put back in place with the click of a mouse. So you can immediately see the interior - the richer it is, the more "luxurious" the hotel is. But at first your options are modest. Next to one bungalow build a second, across the street from them - a shop where basic necessities are sold, snack bar and swimming pool. Yes, and the paths do not prevent paving with cobblestones. Along the way we need to remove the stones from the beach, because free space as the development is becoming less and less, while the demands of tourists are constantly growing.

Here it is easy to make a mistake: for example, to create two snack bars or build a few pools that will only take up space, but the effect of their work will be low. Of course, no one interferes with the expansion of the coastline for a fee, but the necessary amount for this in the early days you just do not have. That's why it is important to think ahead, what and where to build. Even the deck chairs, changing rooms and simple decor (like ficuses, palm trees and umbrellas) require a separate area, and the pool is the size of two houses - especially. Fortunately, the game allows you to redesign an already built-out recreation area by shifting or swapping places some of the objects. In addition, no one prevents you from demolishing an extra building - it won't disappear, but will go into storage, from where it can quickly be placed wherever you like.
Money management plays an important role in business development. Every initiative, from replacing the parquet in the rooms to organizing the disco area, costs a pretty penny. And the main profit is brought by the guests, of course. If to speed up and before time to build on a beach what will pop into your head, the sum on the following improvements will run up very soon. And this is great slow down the progress: unhappy guests leave less kursortobaks (as they call the local currency), and without useful upgrades you won't have any richer clients. On the other hand, there's plenty of room for experimentation, because the location where you start building your business, for the most part, serves to learn and accumulate startup capital. He who does nothing makes no mistakes, as My Sunny Resort clearly demonstrates.

The key to success with tourists

Resort life revolves around the whims of guests. One can't imagine a vacation without dancing, another wants a special meal, a third forgot to bring his slippers - each of these virtual people is a person with unique needs. And everyone has a certain amount of money saved up for the duration of the vacation. If you manage to cope with all the "wants" of guests, they will spend all the money for entertainment, and your profits will increase. The problem is that the tourists behave like small children: you have to drag a hungry person to the snackbar by hand, a bored one to the swimming pool or to the disco. The clients inform about their wishes by a picture in a cloud over their head, so it is difficult to make a mistake here. But you can easily miss the right moment.
How much action do you think it takes to make a guest a doughnut? We tell you: First, you have to build a cafe and an HR department where a chef is available for hire. Having assigned the latter to the kitchen, we wait until the client expresses a desire to bite a delicacy, and then order a dish to the chef - the same doughnut takes about three minutes of real time. And only after the timer expires, you can feed the tourist the food he ordered, at the same time receiving a tip from him. Well, or the camper just forget what he wanted, and switched to another desire - the game also has an expiration date for such whims. It's the same with the store, where guests order slippers and other goods, or the disco, where regular parties are held. But sometimes guests' wishes are marked in red. This means that the professional you hired cannot fulfill the order right now because of low qualifications.

Again, the strategy puts you before the choice: to focus the same chef on elementary dishes or teach him to cook more complex ice cream - and such courses can last from a dozen minutes to an hour, and on top of that cost a round sum. On the other hand, without staff training is also no way: the more prestigious the resort becomes, the more demanding the customers. There are a lot of nuances in the game, so you have to make decisions and dispose of resources so as to get the maximum benefit. Although some impossible tasks for the user My Sunny Resort does not put - in the device of the virtual world even a child can understand. For cartoon-style entertainment, that's pretty good.
It is worth mentioning the tier system separately. After all, in addition to material rewards resort manager receives for their actions experience, which opens up new opportunities. For example, you are allowed to build not only bungalows, but also more decent and roomy houses. Expensive types of parquet and tile replace the usual floors, expanding technical equipment rooms, increasing the choice of entertainment facilities and ways to decorate the beach. The better a vacation spot is decorated, the richer the tourists come. However, as the attractiveness of the upgrades increases, so does their cost, not to mention the time it takes to build them. As a result, you either develop the accountable territory gradually, or speed up all the processes at the expense of special currency - shells. You can buy them both for resortobucks and for real money.

Choose the second option makes sense if you are seriously aimed at competition with other players. But as the multiplayer here is not given much attention - users can except to measure achievements and luring each other's VIP-tourists - to run ahead of the locomotive is unnecessary. Most people can enjoy a measured pace without investing any real money.


At My Sunny Resort, there's always something to do: rooms need cleaning, plants need watering, and guests' wishes need fulfilling. Add the construction of new buildings, the issuing of orders to employees and upgrading their skills - all this is done manually, bringing resort points or experience points. But no one is chaining you to the screen - it's enough to look here once a day to solve basic tasks. Therefore, everyone can choose the right pace of development. The only inconvenience is that it is designed in typical browser-style strategy requires the installation of the client on your computer. However, this is minor compared to the quality and thoroughness of the game.

January 2021