monster truck driving simulator game

Game screenshots
Original title: monster truck driving simulator game


In this game Monster truck driving simulator you will get acquainted with a unique lineup of big cars. Visit the garage of jeeps, you can choose the one that you will test, from the list of vehicles shown to you. Then, you will sit behind the wheel, you will have to drive on the unusual difficult paths and carefully pass the deadly stretches of road that are on it. Behind the wheel of a monster truck is an amazing game at extreme speeds with the use of tricks. You only have new trucks in front of you that will bring you a whole new and amazing driving style. Don't forget to blow billboards, planes, fences, suitcases and more out of your way! Become a monster truck driver, test your driving skills and collect nitro booster bottles scattered along the way.


Acceleration – Up Arrow
Left turn – Left Arrow
Right Turn – Right Arrow
Reverse – Back Arrow
Brake - Space