"Mine-Craft.io" Game

Original title: Mine-Craft.io


Fans of Minecraft and those who are not yet familiar with it, try this modification of the super popular game and understand why it has so many fans around the world!

Build a new world in the game Mine-Craft.io

Meinkraft is a multitasking game with a lot of features for the player. Your imagination and creativity are not limited by anything. You can build everything from shacks to huge castles, create new mechanisms, use them for your own purposes. In fact, you are invited to become the creator of a new world of your own. Mine-Craft.io offers you another modification of this popular game, in some features even surpasses the main one. Try yourself as a creator with unlimited resources, it's exciting!

The game is freely available on Zarium: online, for free and without registration. Control with the keyboard. Create your world, develop it and defend it against enemies!


Controls WASD - move E - open close player inventory Left Shift - run Enter - chat Left Mouse Button - attack Right Mouse Button - action 1-8 - change active item