"Mahjong Grand Master" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Mahjong Grand Master


Mahjong is a world-famous Chinese puzzle game that is hundreds of years old. But in the digital age it has migrated from the board game with knuckles to the fascinating world of computer games with exciting design! In Mahjong Grand Master you can once again plunge into your favorite pastime. In front of you there is a playing field, where the knuckles with different images arranged in certain order and form a figure. You need to remove from the field in pairs of identical bones. But there is one problem - not all of the chips on the field can be moved - some of them will be blocked until you remove all the knuckles above and to the sides. So carefully think through your every move to unlock all the necessary pieces in time.


This is a classic mahjong game with some additional and very useful features like shuffle, hint, highlight and most importantly, level editor! The gameplay is exactly like classic mahjong game and you can choose from different premade templates to play