"Mahjong Dark Dimensions" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Mahjong Dark Dimensions


If you want to unload your brain, then play mahjong. This is a beautiful ancient game that will teach you observation and concentration. Find the same image tokens, and try to connect them. Solve the whole construction in the allotted time. Enjoy every minute playing Mahjong Dark Dimensions.

You have a moving cube, which consists of small cubes. These are all pieces that can be taken apart. Your goal is to find all paired pieces. But be careful, you can connect only those cubes, which are not blocked by others. That is, if the piece you want is surrounded by others, you cannot choose it. Release the cubes to form pairs. On each level you have a certain amount of time, which is fixed on a timer. Also, you can find a boost in the cube, which will add you a couple of saving minutes.


The same awesome gameplay you'd expect from mahjongg with a illuminous new look!