"Mad Day 2 Special" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Mad Day 2 Special


Mad Day 2 Special is a thrilling shooter. Marine Bob is a real hero, especially when he has a good day. But this day began disastrously awful. Somewhere disappeared his favorite octopus, and so far Bob has not managed to find it. Since the pet loves to travel, you do not have to look for it in the apartment. So Bob got in the jeep to go in search. Then he had no idea what was waiting for him ahead. You should join the game and help the main character to get out of his problems. Especially since he has a real adventure ahead of him. After all, it turns out that the octopus did not just disappear - it was kidnapped by aliens, they had just arrived on Earth and decided to make a mess here. But Bob is not going to turn a blind eye to what is happening, so he is properly armed and went to deal with the aliens. Your help is going to be invaluable here - help Bob always stay accurate when he's aiming at his enemies.


space - jump
double space - double jump
x/arrow up - rockets