Light Bulb Puzzle Game

Original title: Light Bulb Puzzle Game


Here is an interesting puzzle game in which you have to lay wires and light bulbs. Will you cope with this difficult task and be able to light up the whole world to save it from the attack of darkness.

You happen to be an electrician, you will be able to save the situation in the Light Bulb Puzzle Game

An interesting puzzle game in which you have to lay wires to close the electric circle and light all the lamps. A simple game with a challenge where you have to cope with the task and light up all the lamps, in doing this is very difficult.

The wires will be tangled, your task is to combine it all correctly and light the lights. If you can't cope with the task, then the whole world will have to plunge into darkness. Many interesting levels are already waiting for you, light up the whole world with the new Light Bulb Puzzle Game.


Light up light all the bulbs You goal is to light up all the bulbs by connecting through wires Just rotate the wires to suitable direction connect them to power supply This game is really very challenging addictive Light up has three difficul