"Lets Kill Jane The Killer: Don't Go to Sleep" Game

Original title: Lets Kill Jane The Killer: Don't Go to Sleep


Everyone knows about Jane the Killer. She doesn't care about people's lives, and she will easily take out anyone who stands in her way. To keep the civilian population safe, we need to destroy Jane once and for all.

Be careful in the game Lets Kill Jane The Killer: Don't Go to Sleep

Right now, Jane the Killer is not a threat. After her treatment, she has become calm and kind. But, that is until someone takes her out, and then the real chaos begins. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Now it's up to you to find eight bottles that contain the liquid hatred of the aggressive and angry Jane. By collecting them all, you will finally be able to destroy the murderer and save the peaceful population. Be careful, there will be obstacles waiting for you along the way.

Stunning graphics, a fascinating story and a good weapons arsenal that will help you cope with all the challenges await you.


W A S D to walk around Mouse to Look around Left Mouse Button to Fire Right Mouse Button to Aim Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons G for Grenades R to Reload F to Pickup Items Left Shift to Run Left CTRL to Crouch X to Prone V to Melee Space to Jum