"HypeTest - Minecraft fan test" Game

Original title: HypeTest - Minecraft fan test


This game is designed for true Minecraft fans. Despite the fact that you will not find 3D textures and open world here, HypeTest - Minecraft fan test will drag on for several hours.

Solve the puzzles in the Minecraft game

In HypeTest - Minecraft fan test, interesting puzzles on your knowledge of the iconic game - Minecraft are waiting for you. You will be able to test your knowledge in three areas: blocks, krfat and monsters. Immediately after starting the game you will be able to choose an area in which you want to test your knowledge. After that you will see on the screen the pictures with a certain image and three answer choices. You need to choose the right one. If you can answer all the questions, you will get the status of a Pro player in Mycraft as a reward. You can also compete with your friends, who are also fanatics of Minecraft. Find out which of you can be called a professional player.