"Homescapes" Game

Original title: Homescapes


If you adore dynamic puzzles, then it's time to put your skills to the test. Dive into the virtual multi-level puzzle game Homescapes. Help the gentleman get to his lady of the heart through the dangers. Solve all the puzzles correctly for a happy ending.

Many levels await you, each subsequent one will be more and more difficult. But if you like challenges, and are excited about tasks that will shake your brain, then go for it. You will help your character to pass through the dangers in the garden. All sorts of obstacles are waiting for you that want to hinder sincere love. But no matter what, the gentleman must hurry to date his lady. There is no time for fear and apprehension! Figure out how to solve the puzzle so as to make way for the hero. In case of an unsuccessful solution, you will be able to replay the level and try your luck again.


click to open the gates