"Gummy Blocks Evolution" Game

Original title: Gummy Blocks Evolution


If you are a Tetris fan, then there is good news for you. Meet the upgraded version of the virtual tetris game Gummy Blocks Evolution. Insert the pieces on the field, creating different constructions. Score more points and set records. Choose one of the three modes in the game, and go! You'll have three random shapes appear at the bottom, and you can place them on the playing field as you see fit. Think ahead, because their placement depends on the further success or failure of the game. To grab and move a piece, click on it and drag it to the spot on the field where you want to place it. Once you create a continuous row, it will disappear and make room for the next constructions. You can play to infinity if you place the blocks intelligently. The game ends when there is no room for the next pieces on the field.


Drag and drop pieces in the grid to clear rows or columns of blocks.