"Ghost Knight Rider" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Ghost Knight Rider


If you're an avid fan of antiheroes and unconventional villains, then this game will be your favorite. Turn into a Ghost Racer for one night, and ride the breeze on your cool bike. But hurry up, because gasoline is running out very fast, so you need to pick up more cylinders on the road. Pass level by level to open up new locations. Use the left and right keys to move. Use the ""A"" or ""D"" key to do somersaults in the air. Be careful not to let the bike crush your rider, otherwise the game will be over much sooner than you expect. On your way collect the skulls, you will need them later. Try to do the cool stunts and tricks, but don't overdo it. The road will not be easy, so carefully study the obstacles and traps that you will encounter.