Game "Gardenscapes"

Game "Gardenscapes"
  • Game size:
  • Release date:
    12 November 2009
  • Operating system:
    Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
  • RAM:
  • Graphics card:
    256Mb, DirectX 9
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Game description

Rejoice, for you are a rich heir! Grandfather gave his mansion to you. It's not even a mansion, but an entire estate, because there is a lush garden spread out around it. More precisely, once it was luxurious, but due to a number of reasons it has grown, withered, in general, lost its neat appearance. Along with the house and garden you inherited a dandelion butler Austin, who was very happy to see you, because he believes that you will restore the former beauty and grandeur of your property.

You're enthusiastically ready to get down to business, but you need the finances. For a start, you can engage in a sale of antiques that are available in the house. Visit every room, look around and be sure to find hidden items. You can use the clues, look through all the images of the items in miniature. If you are lucky, you will find a camera in the room. In its flash you can see what you are looking for. The thermometer will tell you how close you are to the things you are looking for. Also, moving the cursor will cause some items to shake.

In addition to valuable antiques, there is gold in the house. Collect coins every time they catch your eye. Now you already have enough money to start, you can start decorating the house and the surrounding area. Go big, show off your design skills and turn the garden into a great place to walk. You can install benches and statues, plant exotic plants, dig a swimming pool or install a fountain

Visitors will come to see the luxurious garden. The more of them, the more antiques buyers. You can always count on the help of Butler Austin. In general, the game can be considered an economic strategy with the search of items. You will need observation and imagination. More than a thousand valuable items are waiting for you in 15 rooms, as well as everything you need to improve your garden. If you buy an item and then realise it doesn't suit you, you can exchange it for another. And you can set the most beautiful pictures of the garden as your screen saver.