"Fruit Bubble Shooters" Game

Original title: Fruit Bubble Shooters


Bright, cartoonish picture, simple rules, increasingly difficult levels - that's what awaits you in this game.

Shoot all the fruit in Fruit Bubble Shooters

You will become a cute yellow chicken who has a basket of fruit and flowers at hand. That "projectile" that you have in your wings will be the first, but you can think ahead, because the game tells you which shot will be next. Your task will be to hit a block of the same fruits or flowers as your bullet, in order for them to disappear and put points on your score. Juicy watermelons, red apples, beautiful flowers - make them all disappear as if you were harvesting crops or bouquets. Watch the trajectory of your shot. The higher will be your accuracy, the faster you finish the level and you will open the next one.

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