"FireBoy & WaterGirl" Game

Original title: FireBoy & WaterGirl


The beloved characters Fire Boy and Water Girl are waiting for you for unforgettable new adventures. Wander together with them on interesting platforms, collecting bonuses and avoiding dangers.

Amazing adventures for two await you in the game FireBoy & WaterGirl

Water Girl is afraid of fire, Fire Boy is afraid of water. You have to control both of them so that the two of them can pass the level and move on to the next, more difficult and exciting. Remember, green puddles are toxic to both, they must be avoided. There are tasks that can only be overcome by two, such as turning on elevators. You must either consider tandem yourself, or invite a friend, the two of you play much more fun! The game, in addition to interest and excitement, causes friendly emotions and the ability to work in tandem with a comrade.

Just run the game online and for free, without registration. Let your adventure with FireBoy and WaterGirl be interesting and productive!


Player 2
Player 1
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