"Ferrari F8 Spider Puzzle" Game

Original title: Ferrari F8 Spider Puzzle


Our game is for all fans of the Ferrari F8 supercar, which in a short time has managed to become a cult car. Did you know that the engine in this car has won the title of "World Engine of the Year" several times in a row? The car makes an unbelievable impression: it is bright, beautiful and slightly crazy! The yellow color fits perfectly - in general, not a car, but the ideal! If you want to enjoy this beautiful car, and also to solve puzzles - hurry up and start the game. You can choose any of the six images of the Ferrari F8 Spider. The game is suitable for players of any age, as there are four difficulty modes available: assemble the picture from sixteen fragments, thirty-six, sixty-four or even one hundred (for professionals!). Enjoy the challenges and your favorite colorful car in our game.