Online game "Dragon Knight 2"

Dragon Knight 2
  • Release date:
    03 April 2018
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  • Operating system:
    Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10
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  • Graphics card:
    RAM 512Mb, DirectX 9
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Dragon Knight 2 Game Review

Dragon Knight 2 is a free-to-play RPG with turn-based battles, published by CreaGames in Russian. The first difference that sets it apart from similar browser-based RPGs is the beauty of the graphics. Carefully traced scenery, creepy monsters, hellcats in minimalist attire, spectacular animation - the efforts of artists are noticeable everywhere. But it's not just the pictures that make for a good game. Let's find out what else Dragon Knight 2 is interesting for newcomers and fans of the genre.

What is this game about?

Events are unfolding in the fairytale world of Darkfort, where the forces of good and evil have come together in a deadly battle. Enchanted dragons, demons, the undead and other infernal creatures are on one side of the battlefield, while on the other side are light goddesses and their allies who must protect the universe from destruction. Dozens of different peoples, including elves, orcs, titans, amazons and centaurs, pursue their own goals in this war. And it is the Dragon Knight, a hero under your control, who is called upon to fulfill their orders and ultimately triumph over evil.
Instead of the traditional choice of class, Dragon Knight 2 offers four choices of appearance: two male and two female - and the starting options are all the same. As soon as you arrive on the vast expanse of Darkfort, you find yourself in the Golden Dragon Knight's chambers, where your adventures begin. There are a lot of characters, willing to give you a task - it's necessary to clear Moos Mountain of evil, or to put to rest Minions of greed. Each dialogue with such a client is a mini-story, supplementing the description of the world, but the essence of the assignments usually boils down to the same thing. Either demand to eliminate someone, or find and deliver a valuable object. Although there is a separate type of quests aimed at the acquisition of companion heroes. To understand what we are talking about, let's talk briefly about the combat system.

Most of the gameplay is devoted to fighting. Fortunately, they are arranged very simply and at the same time interesting. Everywhere you go, there's someone to fight. As soon as you are challenged, a turn-based combat window opens, where each side attacks in turn. You have a choice of several actions - for example, to strike a point or area. And having filled up the vessel of rage, you can apply an attack of exceptional strength. What's convenient, the whole process is allowed to put on the machine, so the algorithm selects for you the most successful tactics. The thing really works: if you can't overpower the monsters manually, it's worth trusting the artificial intelligence.
Opponents are usually a whole squad, but you are not a rarity - as the journey the hero acquires companions, each of which acts in battle as an independent unit. There are mage and warrior characters, archers and support fighters. Depending on the composition of your squad, it will be effective against different types of enemies. You can focus on dealing maximum damage, but without companions with strong defenses this is fraught with quick defeat. Or you can get more mages in your squad - but then all the melee attacks will fall on your knight's shoulders. The good thing is that between battles the life points of the hero and his team are replenished, so you approach another creature not on your last breath, but with a full health scale.

There can be up to six members in total in a squad. Over time there's a lot more of them - and then you have to decide who to take on a mission and who to keep in the warehouse. The most powerful creatures that can be added to the group are goddesses, available from level 32. Not only are they powerful on their own, but they also give bonuses to the whole squad. There are several goddesses in the game: Goddess of War, Goddess of Wisdom, Goddess of Night, Goddess of Light, Goddess of Luck, Goddess of Love, Goddess of Discipline - and each has its own tactical advantages. But you can only take one with you into battle. It's true that at first you'll still settle for more modest companions, such as the Thunder Naga, the Fist of Titans and the Amazon Princess, which are given out as rewards for completing quests.
Dragon Knight 2 has a lot of different scenery: you travel through forests, fields, ruins of fortresses, go down into dungeons to pass a series of tests for a valuable prize. The map is corridor-like, with no open spaces, and the plot is linear - you need to run from one character to another, take tasks and get a reward for completing them. As with combat, this can be put on automatic. To move around the map helps a riding animal - the first, after 10-15 minutes of the passage of a ghostly wolf, but in the future will be available other types of pets.

How does pumping work?

Dragon Knight 2 offers the kind of varied development system rarely seen in browser-based RPGs. What's more, the game is unique in its own way, because you can level up everything here: your main character, his companions, riding animals and individual items such as armor or weapons. But let's start with the hero under your control. It's the key member of the squad, so his (or her - depending on who you choose in the beginning) skills are especially important. To increase damage from different types of attacks, you need to complete quests and defeat enemies, and then invest the experience points in the points you need. At the beginning of the story, it takes less than half an hour to upgrade: it takes less than half an hour to rack up the first twenty levels. But the farther into the woods, the thicker the requirements. In the end the game puts you in front of a choice: either pay for accelerated pumping, or achieve everything long and free. That's where everyone decides for themselves.
There is also such an indicator as squad strength - it is the total strength of your team together with the hero. An important figure - by looking at it you can immediately understand whether you can handle this or that enemy, and whether it makes sense to take on the task. Increasing the power is separate for the main character and for each of his partners, but gives a bonus to all basic characteristics, such as attack power and health. But it takes resources to make the upgrade. At first it is enough to get some stones, which are bought for coins at the local market or given as a prize for feats in the dungeons. But the tougher the fighters become, the more you have to invest in them.

Special support in the adventure has a spirit, which the hero gets at level 50. This creature does not affect the power of the squad, but still imposes positive effects on your characters. For example, it gives the hero an additional combat skill. You can carry up to five of these spirits with you (when one of them is no longer needed, you can fire him), and their pumping, of course, also requires resources - primarily experience potions. But that's not all: from level 72 in Dragon Knight 2 there are titles that increase the power of the whole squad, and after the 90th - talent cards that allow you to boost the abilities of any character, from the main character to his companion or spirit.
Finally, items. As in any RPG, weapons and armor in Dragon Knight 2 come in different levels - and you can't use those that the hero or his companions haven't reached yet. Let's say, an armor set given out as a gift at the start of the adventure, you can try on only at level 20. But soon this iron will lose its relevance, because you will get something of a higher rank, and there and artifacts from the dungeons will come. And all of this can be improved by investing resources, of which there is a huge variety. Coins, gems, crystals, dracoliths, stones of talent, fame and decoration, reputation points, various potions, rials (currency bought for real money) - each type is important and useful for pumping. As a browser game that does not require installation on your computer, Dragon Knight 2 offers an unexpectedly deep development system.

About interaction with other players

Unlike most mass role-playing games, here you can skirmish with heroes under the control of other users almost immediately - duel Arena is open to everyone who has reached level 27. That is, after 30-40 minutes in Darkfort newcomers are given the chance to test their strength against live opponents. Only first they will offer a warm-up with the characters under the control of artificial intelligence, and then they will choose the opponent with the suitable squad power. It was this indicator allowed the developers to organize the case so that the forces in battles in the Arena were all about equal. For victories are accrued solid rewards, but the number of free challenges per day is limited to fifteen, and between them must pass at least 15 minutes. Additional duels already cost resources.
But who says that with other Darkfort heroes you only have to fight? Instead of conflicts you can, on the contrary, join forces in a common guild, trade valuable items with each other, and also throw parties and get married. After reaching level 36, which, as we have already realized, is not difficult, all heroes are free to create couples. But in order to do this, you need to be friends with someone to send a proposal to his or her chosen one. Is the consent already received? Well, then it's time to send out invitations and throw a party. Here again, there are two options: either to gather at the celebration alone friends, or to invest in the case rialy and call all the inhabitants of the server, which you are. Newlyweds open a special mini-game "Path of Love", where there is a chance to get coins, stones and crystals.


Dragon Knight 2 looks beautiful and offers an unexpectedly large set of features, as for a browser game. Running it in a couple of clicks, without any installation on disk, you get a tastefully designed adventure with tactical battles and a well thought-out system of progression. A separate bonus for some players will be the female characters in revealing outfits. This entertainment can captivate both the newcomer and the veteran gamer who has already bored similar games and would like to get new impressions from the genre.

February 2021