"Cowboy Escape" Game

Original title: Cowboy Escape


We all have our hobbies. And we try to incorporate them into our interior design. Our hero did the same. He turned his house into a real museum, which has a lot of interesting things.

Solve all the puzzles

Our hero is fond of westerns and admires cowboys of the Wild West times. On the walls you can see pictures of horses and silhouettes of cowboys. And on the shelves are cute toy steers. After enjoying the unique items, you will have to leave the house. True, it will not be so easy to do. The thing is that all the doors are locked.

Look around and you will find a lot of clues that will help you to solve different types of puzzles and find the key that will open the doors. Be careful, because the clues can hide in the most unusual places. Also you have to look for the additional items that will help you to get out of the house.