"Cave Forest Escape" Game

Original title: Cave Forest Escape


You find yourself trapped in a trap. A cunning intruder has left you a chance to escape, but to do so you must solve eleven puzzles and collect an equal number of items hidden beneath them. You have unlimited time to get through.

Every detail is important in the game

The Cave Forest Escape game is designed in today's popular point-and-click genre. This means that you can explore the environment and therefore interact with it with the mouse cursor. There are no minutiae in the game location. A minimal fragment can prove to be the key to solving one of the puzzles. There's a wide assortment of puzzles: Pinpoints, rebuses, numeric codes, and attention tasks. The winner will be the one who can cope with them all. And then you will feel the long-awaited freedom, as well as a sense of intellectual superiority.