"Bride Escape" Game

Original title: Bride Escape


Those who are interested in puzzles will appreciate the game Bride Escape on Zarium. Here you'll find not only clever puzzles to puzzle over, but also a life-like story of the game's heroine.

Help the hostage bride by playing Bride Escape

Every girl since childhood dreams to meet a handsome prince - her lover, to wear a white dress and go to the wedding. But it happens that life disposes of otherwise. And so in our heroine of the game, everything did not go according to plan, although initially she was very happy. The guy she loved proposed to her. And now she is already in her new status as a bride, but the approaching wedding date dispelled the feeling of happiness. The bride realized that she didn't want to get married.

With this news, she decided to go to her chosen one. The bridegroom, upset and angry with the bride, left, slamming the door shut. The bride remained locked up. Where the key to the room is, she does not know. To find the key it is necessary to solve a series of riddles. Help her solve them.


Mouse Interact