Online game "Bleach"

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    01 September 2017
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  • Minimum requirements
  • CPU:
    Core 2 Duo
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  • Graphics card:
    RAM 256Mb
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Bleach Game Review

Bleach is a browser-based role-playing game based on the anime series of the same name. That's why the style is appropriate: Japanese cartoon-like scenery, characters with big eyes and distinctive hairstyles (as after electrocution), a lot of busty ladies and grotesque effects, and also - school passions in the script. Yes, there is a full-fledged plot, which, despite the abundance of exotic terms and names, is interesting to follow. But Bleach also bribes the gamer with other aspects. Let's find out how to have fun in a fairy-tale universe where warriors of light confront spirits and demons.

What is this game about?

If you've never seen the Blich anime, here's the gist. The action is set in modern Japan, where until the time lived quietly an ordinary schoolboy Ichigo Kurosaki. He was different from his peers in that he could see ghosts. And one day in his bedroom the boy discovered a shinigami, as the Japanese call a guide to the world of the dead, something like our old lady with a scythe. Only here it turned out to be quite a pretty girl named Rukiya Kuchiki. Surprised that Kurosaki could see her, she got into a fight with an evil spirit (the "void" as they're called here) over him. The duel ended tragically: the girl was seriously wounded, so she turned over her powers to Ichigo so that the boy could continue her work - escorting the souls of the dead to the afterlife. Under Rukia's watchful guidance, of course.
All the characters from the original series, including Ichigo and Rukiya, can be found in this game, and the locations are familiar - the story begins in the town of Seiraytay, where the soul guides live. Only the storyline in Bleach Online is separate, because you control the hero, which you create and develop yourself. You can choose from three classes - warrior, archer or mage, both genders. There is even a simple appearance customization, including hair length and facial expression - it's in the browser-RPG. The plot is based on the classic amnesia: after a thousand years of sleep you wake up in a universe where people and ghosts easily visit each other, but do not remember who you are and what you used to do. Familiar anime characters bring you up to speed, while explaining how to kill unwanted aliens from the world of darkness.

Of course, the most enjoyable part of the story will be for those who have seen at least a few episodes of The Blitch. Because you are immediately bombarded with incomprehensible words like reiatsu, zanpacto, chappie, without giving any explanation. That's why a beginner has to grasp everything on the fly. There is a commonplace character who has been bullied by a girl and tries to hide his complexes behind his flamboyant attitude. Gradually, the plot becomes clear even to someone who is not familiar with anime culture.
All of the key dialogues take place in the middle of a peaceful city, where the hero gets acquainted with the characters and takes out errands from them. Tasks are usually reduced to battles or some elementary actions, so there is no need to puzzle over the essence of what is happening. From the city open a portal to the location, populated by enemies, each of which can be overcome several times in a row for extra rewards and pumping. There is a tactical part where you place your main character and his assistants on the first, second and third row of the battle formation, and then there is the battle itself during which everyone takes turns. Each of the rows is allowed to be further enhanced by magic before battle. Unlike most games of this format, Bleach fights automatically - you can't switch to manual mode and influence the course of the battle in any way.

Feats of arms are generously diluted with peaceful activities. There are plenty of activities with valuable prizes: you can get a gift just for the presence on the server, to collect a handful of ringing coins for achievements (for example, if you put the hero in things "green" quality - about the equipment and its rarity degrees we'll tell more), to participate in daily events or take a quiz on the knowledge of anime. It has difficult questions, but it also gives a prize for even a mistake - not a bad way to educate the neophyte. Want something more interactive? You can run the mini-game of undressing girls or spin the drums on a local version of the one-armed bandit - it consumes resources as well game, so that no one makes you withdraw cash from the card. And from level 17 becomes available personal estate, where you can collect coins from the cat-kopilka, care for the garden and have fun with your girlfriend, who is allowed to pump - mainly by increasing the size of her breasts.
It's not hard to notice that Bleach Online is a bit weird. For example, in the same manor you can capture and exploit slaves, and to improve the appearance of his girlfriend, you must obtain for her in battles ... bikini leotards. Still, it has to do with the Japanese flavor of the work: first it thundered in the land of the rising sun, and then it was published in Russian by GameNet. However, the game does not stoop to outright vulgarity - the framework of decency in it observed. And the interaction between users is built on classic principles, from the guilds and battles servers to duels in the arena.

Gathering a squad and pumping up the characters

Regardless of who you choose at the beginning, the hero travels in company. As the story progresses he is joined by other characters, from which you can form a squad: put strong health fighters in the front line, swordsmen with a strong attack and archers in the middle, and support and sorcerers - in the rearguard. In addition you're allowed to buy mercenaries, but it's up to you, as they cost a lot. Collected in this way the team has an interesting system pumping: the main character spends on his development the souls of enemies, and his partners require the same standard experience points. The latter are given out in the form of incentive prizes and rewards for victories or successfully completed tasks.
Equipment has a lot of weight in a squad's strength. Items like headbands, belts, vests, boots, cloaks, and weapons are categorized by rarity into "blue", "green", and "purple". They can be obtained in battle, given as a gift, or purchased at a local marketplace. The more rare thing you got, the more useful it is, of course. And to dress and arm not only the main character, but also his companions - ideally all must update the equipment as they grow in level. But that's as it turns out, sometimes you have to go to the inner store.

When introducing the trade Bleach presents another surprise: if you usually in these games especially valuable items purchased for real rubles, here they are sold for gold - the currency that, along with silver, are accrued as a reward for completing the quest. Gold, of course, a rare thing, but to accumulate enough money for the new armor is quite realistic. And donat - the infusion of real money - rather allows you to get common bonuses for pumping, jewelry, and some simplifications. For example, you can skip fights for a fee and immediately display their results.

How does interaction with other players work?

No one is alone on the Bleach Online servers: every now and then you meet other adventurers, and the vast majority of them are guild members. This is not accidental, because the members of the factions are given almost the same bonuses as the paid VIP-status. And you can create or join a guild for free. Naturally, gamers choose the most profitable option - and a newcomer should immediately look in the same direction. Almost from the first levels are open and arena, where the clarification between the live players. Only the selection of an opponent for the duel is based on the strength of the squad, not on the level of pumping hero, so that the ristalische is very risky to get under the blow of reinforced bonuses donater. On the other hand, even the loser gets a modest reward - why not participate?
However, it is not necessary to fight. In addition to trade and communication in the guild chat, among the peaceful ways of interaction players should note the help buddies in the household - the option is available in a personal homestead. Find new friends is easy, because if you want you can add all the inhabitants of the server - and they will help you develop your home. This part is reminiscent of entertainment such as "farm", which is now full on the Internet, but still brings variety.


Bleach Online leaves a pleasant impression, thanks to its proximity to the source material, its visuals, and its unusual entourage. But people unfamiliar with the anime may be confused by the incomprehensible words. In addition, the game has a technical inconvenience - low picture resolution. If you use a Full HD monitor or better, everything will be small and illegible. A combination of holding down the Ctrl button and scrolling the mouse wheel allows you to enlarge the image, but in this case the details will be lost, the contours of objects and characters will be outlined by the pixel "stairs", and the enlarged inscriptions with descriptions of objects will be out of the screen.

Otherwise, it is a distinctive and colorful game, capable of pleasantly surprising even after a few hours of familiarity. If you've spent any time in Bleach Online, you won't confuse it with any other browser-based RPG.

November 2020