Beat Corona Memory Game

Original title: Beat Corona Memory Game


Join the fight against Covid-19 and help doctors and epidemiologists win the fight against one of the nastiest viruses facing humanity. Join a wonderful team of experts in this game for girls called Beat Corona Memory Game and test your memory skills by supporting them in this long battle. The game is a classic memory game, but in this one the colorful images on the cards have been replaced by people wearing masks as they want to stay safe while helping others heal. As always, the cards will be displayed shirt-side up, and you must click two cards of your choice and memorize what the people you have uncovered look like and where they are. When you manage to put all the cards on the board together in pairs you will move on to the next level. Good luck and have a good time playing the Beat Corona Memory Game online. You can use your mouse or your finger on the screen of your mobile device to control the game.