"Balmy Village Escape" Game

Original title: Balmy Village Escape


This fascinating puzzle game can be played by both boys and girls, there are no age restrictions. This application will help you spend your time in a fun and useful way, because you will develop and increase your intelligence, which is never too late, no matter how old you are.

Develop yourself with this game - Balmy Village Escape

Imagine that you went to your grandmother's village, you spent your vacation there, but it's time to go home. Walking to the bus stop, you are trapped. What are you going to do? Suddenly, you realize that there is a way out. However, to get to the bus, you need to find, hidden objects and pass a lot, various tests in the form of puzzles.

So hurry up, hurry to pass all levels and run, because the transport won't wait. Time is short, start now. To play, you'll need a computer mouse.