"2 Player Head Volleyball" Game

Original title: 2 Player Head Volleyball


2 Player Head Volleyball is a super interesting game that will fascinate all fans of the sport of volleyball. You are given the opportunity to become a participant in the competition on this fascinating occupation. Before you start the game, you can choose between one or two players. If you play alone, you will have to fight with the computer. Jump, score the ball and score goals against your opponent. If you choose the second mode, in this case you can play with a friend at the same computer. One participant will control the arrows on the right side of the keyboard, and the second - with the WASD keys. Show how skillfully you own the round projectile and defeat your opponent. Time for the game will just fly by.


Game Controls:
Player 1: "W,A,S,D"
Player 2: "ARROW KEYS"