"1010 Puzzle Block" Game

Original title: 1010 Puzzle Block


This time your friends are colorful blocks. With them you can always pass the time and paint gray everyday life with bright colors. Easy to control and simple storyline allows you to play anywhere you have a free minute.

The adventures begin

With 010 Puzzle Block you'll forget all about boredom. You'll dive headfirst into a world of colorful blocks and you'll never want to leave.

Your goal is not to let the squares beat you. These squares are very clever, and always ready to flood the entire playing field, but you have to do it first. You will be the winner if you manage to load the entire space with special pieces and leave no room for enemies.

Objects will appear at the bottom of the screen and you have to find their place within the playing field. Place them next to each other so that they form lines and disappear from the field.