Everyone was invited to World War III

The developers of multiplayer shooter World War 3 announced the date of open testing, where they call all comers. During the OBT the game will be available for free. All you need to participate is to have an account on the official site or installed Steam client. Naturally, users who are ready to show additional activity or pay extra for the entertainment, will have a variety of bonuses.

Details of World War 3 open testing

As you can easily guess from the title, the game takes place in the not so distant future, when different countries are fighting each other in the most unexpected locations, including the streets of Russian cities. You choose a side of the conflict and a fighter before going to the front. Based on gamers' feedback on the intermediate versions of the action game, the developers have improved it in every way and prepared it for the OBT: improved sounds, weapons behavior and added an updated Smolensk map to the rotation. At the current stage of development of the project, the focus is on two modes for 40 players - "Battle" and "Team Fighting".

Already published a schedule of events related to the launch of World War 3. on September 23 technical work on the servers will begin. Holders of the paid set of the closed beta test will be able to join the OBT from September 26 to 28, and beginners will be allowed to join from September 29. Although all who have already joined the shooter, waiting for the zeroing progression, until October 6 for each player will last a week with a bonus experience accrual for participation in matches. Gift fans can watch the broadcasts on Twitch to get drops in the form of exclusive sets of Task Force F51 equipment.

24 September 2022