Cool trailer for the release of Wars of Prasia in Korea

On the occasion of the MMORPG Wars of Prasia release, Nexon has released a beautiful trailer, which shows the battle between good and evil forces, and summoning a bear with magic. That's not all the information about the game at the moment - we also know some features of its gameplay and information about the entourage. It's going to be released very soon - on March 30, but only for Korean gamers.

New video and details of Wars of Prasia

The trailer shows a brutal battle between humans and monsters. For added drama, the forces of good lose one of their commanders - he is placed on a horse and taken behind fortifications to be handed over to the mages. Then the sorceress summons her totem animal, a giant bear, which marches out with its mistress against an army of enemies. The actual quality of the game's graphics, of course, does not show it, but the grim mood is already noticeable. The developers themselves underline the seriousness of the plot they have invented. But what do we know about the gameplay?

The basis of this game - the capture, development and defense of possessions in the form of lands and fortresses, which in the virtual world a great many. On each of these plots you can find not only resources, but also fields for hunting and a lot of group activities. There is an option to create a dungeon yourself - by sticking a black sword into any place of your choice. And if you do the same on someone else's territory, it is tantamount to declaring war. Become feudal lords will be able not only individual heroes, but also those of the guilds where they belong. march 30 will be the Korean release of Wars of Prasia for PC and mobile devices. Nothing is known about the plans for a global edition of the project yet.

17 March 2023