On the armor behind the ball - sports mode in War Thunder

The creators of the game about the battle of different types of military equipment War Thunder introduced the "Tank Soccer" mode. In it, two teams consisting of armored vehicles, pushing the ball around the field and scoring goals, as in the real competition. Prizes, upgrades and honorable mentions await the winners. The event starts on March 17, but you can prepare for it in advance.

"Tank soccer" in War Thunder

According to the staff of Gaijin Entertainment, the matches will be held in a three-on-three, when to win must achieve a three-goal advantage, and four-on-four, in which case you must beat your opponent by four goals. The bout itself lasts two halves of 5 minutes, and if the result is tied, there are a couple more halves of 1.5 minutes each. There are no more extras: if the score is tied, no one wins. In the process of fighting for the ball you can use both standard methods of technique control, and jerk, allowing you to quickly accelerate and hit the target at the right angle. Rewards are awarded to individual users who make an effective pass or score a goal, as well as to the entire team.

Prizes include unique "soccer" camouflages for tanks, decals, gold decorators, a "Moment of Inspiration" loading screen, a character icon, and individual markers for the best goalkeepers, scorers and other participants in matches. The event will be active from March 17 to April 7, 2023, followed by a title giveaway to the top 50 players. If you want to prepare in advance for the matches, you can do so at a special training session available until March 17.

16 March 2023