The Great War Against Zombies: Who's on The Front Test?

Three months after the announcement of an unusual survival simulator in the open world studio Samar announced the start of a closed beta test. In the game you will experience battles with the walking dead, explore locations, ride on armored vehicles, build fortresses and even travel through time. And it is possible to do all these things not alone, but together with your friends. Release is scheduled for approximately the end of 2023, but signing up for testing is beginning now. If you're interested, don't miss this opportunity.

What is known about The Front so far?

The game is set in a world devastated by disaster. To prevent it, the heroes must go back in time to fight hordes of zombies and give people another chance. In the open world, populated by mutants, you must mine resources, build equipment, build bases and improve them with various devices - such as traps or turrets. Here you can explore the ruins in search of valuable items, go far into enemy territory to get trophies and fight off attacks inside your fortress. In addition to conventional weapons, gamers can also use vehicles such as tanks and planes.

Freedom of movement has become a distinctive feature of multiplayer action movie. You will be able to move through the sky, land and water, finding everywhere adventures and prey. To take part in the closed beta test, you should click the link provided in this news, and fill in all the fields in a special form. Then, when the number of interested players is enough, the Samar studio staff will contact you by e-mail or Discord and invite you to their project. Just keep in mind that you will also be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement about the game.

24 May 2023