Get your bilges ready: an update for Star Citizen is out

Cloud Imperium Games' ambitious project is still far from a full-fledged release. Nevertheless, it continues to raise money from fans and get big patches. Current update number 3.18 is not an exception: it expects users to find new locations, attractions on different planets, changes in the gameplay, racing mode, and more. Let's find out what Star Citizen will surprise the public this spring.

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The first thing the developers advise is to delete the User and Shader folders in the client after installing the patch, which should save gamers from problems with the game. The rest is added content. A small village appeared on the planet Daymar, where a starship crashed, its wreckage scattered around. Also sand caves were added to several worlds at once, where stone bugs live - you can get shells from them. And who can't live without racing, those should try the tracks on Crusader and Stanton. The last planet also has three dozen abandoned outposts and a network of rivers.

As for the gameplay, there are also many changes. First of all, Cloud Imperium has redesigned the system of placing cargo in the hold - now containers with bought or found goods can be moved and stacked manually with a force beam. Security at Kareah Station, where confiscated contraband is kept, has been altered-it's closed to all civilians without a special pass. But bans will not stop adventurers. Especially for the profit-seekers developers have updated the artificial intelligence of security and added fighters in kevlar armor. Also in the series of Siege of Orison missions added several tasks, invented the mechanics of repairing the hull and added to the fleet of equipment light rescue ship Drake Vulture.

13 March 2023