"Vintorez" was cut. A patch for Stalcraft has been released

The multiplayer mix of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Minecraft, Stalcraft has been updated once again. Now the game can boast more realistic animations and sounds of some guns, increased weapon power in "Dead Time" mode and localization edits. But the main changes befell VSS "Vintorez" - silent gun, which can rightfully be called a symbol of the original "Stalker". We tell about these and other innovations from the words of the developers.

Stalcraft has a September update. What's changing?

The Vintorez has been redesigned in almost all parameters: the killing power and damage multiplier of the headshot have been slightly reduced, while the recoil has been increased, the spread has been reduced, and five more rounds have been added to the magazine. Some other weapons have also been changed. The FG42, M1A, and the worn SKS are now more forgiving of recoil. In addition, the developers have seriously taken up the sounds and reloading animations for M40A5 and MR-133 - a demonstration of what was done with both guns can be seen in the special video. The noise of safe-zones became different, and the masks of Morg's and Seeker's exoskeletons got a different color.

The patch also introduces a ban on camping during tournament captures in the center of the map "Quarters". From now on, the "Dead Time" mode gives all four classes of participants ammunition with maximum armor penetration. Recall that this is a format of battles, when teams of five people compete at one location, gaining points for killing monsters, activating energy cells and destroying the combat prototype. The developers reported on the localization edits, and at the same time apologized in case some entities will change their names. Finally, among the nice little things worth noting is the added ability to inspect the item during barter.

15 September 2023