PUBG battles go to the next level

The developers of multiplayer shooter PUBG: Battlegrounds introduced a new game mode - "intense battle royale". It was created specifically to allow gamers on the battlefield to be more active and experience more emotions, but to participate it is necessary to enter LABS. On top of that, users will receive rewards and items from the Workshop.

"Intense Battle Royale" in PUBG: Battlegrounds

How is this mode different from the usual in-game battles? In this mode, the landing from the plane at the beginning of the match is automatic, and only 16 people are allowed to fight. The area of combat operations is limited to the kind of circle found only in Phase 3 under standard conditions. There are no "red zones" and snow storms here. For the experiment the developers have allocated separate locations maps Erangel, Miramar, Tayogo and Deston, where survivors immediately get a basic set of items. This includes a level 2 helmet and vest, as well as a level 3 backpack and weapon box available in the inventory. Simply put, you do not need to waste time on the initial swing - you can immediately select the equipment and go into battle. However, first-aid kits, vehicles and boxes with supplies will still appear on the ground.

To experience the "intense battle royale" in practice, just leave the lobby at LABS through the appropriate banner. Everyone is welcome - there is no need to apply. The mode is available right now on all platforms, but only with a third-person view, and after maintenance will be back in mid-February. Everyone who is not a stranger to such experiments, they promise to award valuable prizes.

19 January 2023