A strategy game by the authors of Lineage II has been announced

Korean company NCSoft, known to the public thanks to Lineage II, Aion, Guild Wars, Point Blank and Blade & Soul, introduced its new development - Project G. This game is in the MMORTS genre, that is a massively multiplayer strategy in real time. It's known that the game will make on the Unreal Engine, it will have clans and guilds, and the format of the battles PvP and PvE. We tell you what else is available at the moment.

Read more about Project G from NCSoft

The action of the game, created in a fantasy setting, will unfold in a universe called Pangea. Here gamers will be engaged in construction and war - both against other players, and with armies of monsters. As you develop your domain and train troops, you'll be able to join with other users in guilds to jointly control and protect the locations. Naturally, the main value will be resources, for the control of which the wars will be fought.

Judging by the announcing trailer, to manage the infantry units, and a special role in battles will play dragons and flying them heroes. In general, the process is similar to the usual strategy in real time, but in a single battle can participate several users at once. Under the video the developers have specifically pointed out that the video reflects the actual graphics quality - the same it will remain at the release. However, so far no one has called the game's release date. It is only known that it will appear on PC and mobile devices.

14 March 2023