The Witcher and the Kingdom of Dreams in Perfect World

Russian version of the MMORPG Perfect World has received an update "Kingdom of Dreams", which was previously released on the global servers. It offers gamers another chapter of the story, unexplored locations and dungeons, changes in the system of skills, as well as gifts. It is noteworthy that the trailer with the presentation of the add-on voiced Vsevolod Kuznetsov - the voice of Heralt of Rivia in the third "The Witcher. We tell in detail how the game will be this summer.

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Now adventures in the second and third roots of the World Tree are available, where the heroes will meet characters from Scandinavian myths and prevent the end of the world. And the research system "World Journey" will help in this. Do not do without the good old fight - the squads of ten participants can go to the dungeon "Terrace of Dreams" to fight with the enemies and be rewarded with gold stones of lottery and resources for equipment level 18. As for the plot, it is dedicated to an artifact called "Heart of Pan Gu", with the power of which not everyone can cope. A chain of quests reveals the secrets of the past and leads to a battle with the soulless - they also need this magical item.

The skill system now allows you to inlaid runes three more skills to choose from in the transition to the Sky of Limit. The developers also announce updated lists of daily and weekly quests. Finally, every gamer will be able to get a gift by entering promo code PWKINGDOMOFDREAMS0523 in the personal cabinet. Among the bonuses laid down for this action are idols, amulets, coupons, boxes and pills. But don't delay in activating - the offer is valid until June 11.

26 May 2023